CEA Industrial Supply

CEA Industrial Supply Inc is a leading wholesaler, retailer, distributor and representative of marine and industrial products. Proud to be family owned and operated since 1956 we are constantly striving for excellence and optimum service to our customers.

Our Legacy

Engineer Ricardo A. Fernández started the idea for CEA Industrial Supply in the garage of his residency in 1956. The name CEA stands for Contractor, Engineer and Agriculture and started operations at #2 Mayaguez St. in Hato Rey. In 1968 CEA started supplying the Island of Tortola as well as small and medium businesses in Puerto Rico. In 1972 Ricardo S. Fernández (Ricky) starts working in the company as the future successor to his father Eng. Fernández. Ricky starts visiting the British and American Virgin Islands to expand operations.

By 1982 Ricky becomes president and Eng. Fernández becomes an active treasurer of the board of directors. In 1998 the third generation of CEA starts stepping in the company to continue the legacy. Anamarie Fernandez, Maria Fernandez, and Ricardo E. Fernandez. The first one to join the team was Maria (Didi) in the sales department and became the right hand of her father Ricky. Ricardo E. started working part-time in merchandise dispatch and the mechanical workshop. Finally, Anamarie incorporates the team in the administrative department.

The incorporation of the third generation has brought CEA Industrial Supply, Inc. the technology and modernization required. In 1996 the first catalog came through and the optimization of the inventory system and a webpage.

All generations of CEA Industrial Supply Inc.

Starting with the pioneers of CEA Industrial Supply, INc., the Eng. Ricardo A. Fernández and his wife Amalia (sitting). (Standing up) Eng. Ricardo S. Fernández (Ricky) and his wife Carmen, accompanied by their children Ricardo E., María A (Didi), and Anamarie.